The session where I made the baby cry


I like to think I'm pretty good with kids. I've photographed plenty, have 2 of my own and I'm a trained teacher. But none of this matters when the baby doesn't like your face! All you can do is try not to look too hard in their direction and not take it personally, in the hope all will settle down and you can get some shots without teary eyes. So this is the mode I adopted with beautiful Benjamin during our at home session. I was advised not to take it to heart as he does the same thing with his own grandpa on a daily basis! Also, look at that face. You couldn't help but smile in spite of the tears.Babies at this age are so much fun to photograph. Mum and dad are long past the days of being unsure of their new little one and the smiles, gurgles and spit bubbles are coming along nicely. It's a pretty perfect time and one of my favourites to photograph. It's just...well...joyful! Also, elastic band wrists and dimple elbows are immense!!Summer sessions are booking up fast, so if you'd like to document a little of family life as it is right now, jump on that contact button up there while there's still some availability. I promise, you won't regret it!

Dear dads


You are awesome! I have watched a lot of dads at work during newborn or family sessions and at weddings. And we'd be lost without them. From making sure they don't fall off a climbing frame to jumping on a trampoline with them. From giving smushy newborn kisses to changing nappies that should have a health and safety warning attached! From walking daughters down the aisle to welcoming new sons and daughters into the family. There isn't much I haven't seen.In honour of day of the dads, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite images of dads with their kids of various ages from the last number of years.Dads, you really are amazing!

The Millars

One of the best bits of photographing a couple's wedding, is that sometimes you get a call a year or two down the line to share the amazing news of a new addition to the family and the need for some new photos. I was had the best time second shooting with Aly Harte at Pamela and Andy's wedding several years ago, and as Aly has decided to focus full time on her art and wellbeing blog (and sold me most of her equipment!) it was me who got to document the new family of 3.Now we all know I'm a sucker for a baby session, but the cuteness of this and Eva's facial expressions for one so young literally tipped me over the edge. Also, is there anything more beautiful to watch than new parents who are in love with their baby? I think not. I have some space for family sessions through the summer, so if you would more information I would love you to fill in the contact form at the top of this post. I promise you won't regret it! 

And baby makes 3

We all know that time flies, but sometimes something happens to make you realise just how fast it is actually going. This happened to me recently when I took pre-baby photos for my friend on her due date (she lives on the edge!) followed by a newborn shoot less than 2 weeks later. But it was the fact that I had also done an engagement shoot with them and had the privilege of being their wedding photographer that made me realise that not only had time whizzed by, but that life changes literally in the blink of an eye.From a carefree couple in love, through the precious vows of marriage, to the strange last days of it being just two, and finally to the exhilarating and exhausting days of being first time parents. It has been an absolute delight to watch two wonderful human beings I am proud to call my friends move through these transitions, and I can hardly wait to get my camera round to the baby chub that is now forming rapidly on these fragile little limbs!One of the things I love about this pair is their willingness and desire to be in the photos. All too often I hear clients (read 'women'!) say, "Oh don't get me in the pictures - I'm so unphotogenic/need to lose weight/hate my nose..." And I'll admit, I feel that too. But life is short, people. And your kids don't see what you see. And they will want to look back on photos so they can judge you for your hair style and fashion sense - indeed, it is their right, so who are you to deny it?!!I have some spaces available over the next few weeks for sessions out and about or at your home, so if you think you might need to get yourself in the picture, why not give me a shout? I mean, Mother's Day is just around the corner and it would make an awesome present - I even have gift cards if you would like to purchase a session as a gift and book at a time that suits.Don't forget you can also sign up for my newsletter, where there will be exclusive special offers and giveaways that you don't want to miss!

The Bolands

I am pretty lucky to have some really great people in my life, and some of them arrived in a sort of roundabout way. My friend Jo, is married to an old friend of my husband, but we've struck up a unique connection over the years. We've shared losses, laughs and had many an adventure with (and without) our boys. We've even managed to meet up wearing exactly the same top, shoes and earrings!Last year, I persuaded Jo to let me take photos of her with her boys in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast, and we had such a great time. From our iconic cranes, Samson and Goliath, to the quirky industrial buildings, from historic boats to the incredible Titanic Museum, there is just so much good stuff to photograph. And when you add good friends into the mix, it's a great combination!These are just a few of the highlights of our shoot around the area.Such a seriously cool location for photos! If you're thinking of updating your own family photos over the spring, I'd love you to give me a shout by clicking on the contact form at the top of the page. Or you can find me on my Facebook page over there on that tab on the left!

Home is where the heart is

It's funny how some things just sort of creep up on you, and then there's a moment, an epiphany, and you wonder how you hadn't realised it before. I've photographed so many different things, from weddings to restaurants, in amazing gardens, parks and locations. And yet, I've discovered over the past year that the thing which makes me happiest when I have my camera in my hand, is photographing families at home. Maybe it's because at home we are most ourselves. Our true selves, with messy kitchens and fingerprints on walls, toys spilling all over the place and more noise than you ever thought you could cope with!I've had some amazing lifestyle sessions with families at home and I really think I should start sharing them with the world. So lets me start with the O'Rorke family, an amazingly warm and open family with two adorable little sons. When I went to their session I felt instantly at home, coffee was brewing and a very cute two year old was excited to tell me all about his Transformer toys - so glad I had prior knowledge from my own boys! Really, it was a dream read a brilliant quote recently by another photographer, Tara Whitney. She said that her clients know how it feels to love their families, and that she could show them what it looked like. I admire her work so much, and I truly hope that the families I am lucky to photograph feel they get a little of that from their images too. If you'd like to know more about my lifestyle sessions at home I would LOVE to hear from you. You can use the contact form here or find me on Facebook, so please, give me a shout!

Abraham :: a newborn session

Sometimes it's true that a photograph speaks a thousand words. I'm going to let these photos speak for themselves, save to say that I've known Aly for many years and am lucky to count her amongst my close friends. And that makes a photo shoot very special. I've photographed all 3 of her boys as newborns, we've bemoaned and celebrated life as mums of boys, we've shared dreams and a lot of coffee and I love them all to bits! Her husband's pretty ok too!Anyway, this session took place when Abraham was one whole week old, the kids were running around, there had been one bloody nose (dad!) before I even arrived, and Aly was swanning around looking fabliss as always! And that is exactly my favourite way to shoot - in the midst of the crazy, wonderful mess that is life.Abe newborn_0001Abe newborn_0002Abe newborn_0003Abe newborn_0004Abe newborn_0005Abe newborn_0006Abe newborn_0007Abe newborn_0008Abe newborn_0009Abe newborn_0010Abe newborn_0011Abe newborn_0012Abe newborn_0013Abe newborn_0014Abe newborn_0015Abe newborn_0016Abe newborn_0017Abe newborn_0018Abe newborn_0019Abe newborn_0020Abe newborn_0021Abe newborn_0022Abe newborn_0023Abe newborn_0024Abe newborn_0025Abe newborn_0026Abe newborn_0027Abe newborn_0028Abe newborn_0029Abe newborn_0030Abe newborn_0031Abe newborn_0032Abe newborn_0033Abe newborn_0034Abe newborn_0035Abe newborn_0036Abe newborn_0037 If you'd like the crazy of your life documented, please give that contact button up there a push and we can make that happen!

Here's to the dads

Here's to the dads.The superheroes.The rescuers.The fixers and menders.The BBQ-ers.The tear wipers and plaster stickers.To the ones who make us laugh so hard we think we might be sick.And the ones who stand on sidelines and touch lines and boundary lines, week... after week... after week.Where would we be without the dads? Some of us know all too well exactly where we are without them. But lots of us are lucky enough to have the things they taught us and their sense of humour and their noses (lucky, eh?!) with us no matter where we are or where we go.So this one is for the dads. You rock our worlds and we love you to bits!dads_0001dads_0002dads_0003dads_0013dads_0010dads_0009dads_0007dads_0008dads_0017dads_0006dads_0005dads_0024dads_0023dads_0021dads_0016dads_0026dads_0020

My favourite family

This would be the fourth time I've photographed this gorgeous lot, and without a doubt each session is more and more fun than the last! There is something so beautiful about documenting the growth of a family, as children are born,  grow older and develop their own amazing personalities. And with parents who are up for pretty much anything, photographing them is nothing short of a dream job!We took these photos at Stormont Estate during the autumn half term in near perfect conditions - blue skies, warm air and the most stunning array of golden leaves. Let's just not talk about the number of times we had to steer the boys away from quagmires of mud in the middle of the lawns!