Here's to the dads

Here's to the dads.The superheroes.The rescuers.The fixers and menders.The BBQ-ers.The tear wipers and plaster stickers.To the ones who make us laugh so hard we think we might be sick.And the ones who stand on sidelines and touch lines and boundary lines, week... after week... after week.Where would we be without the dads? Some of us know all too well exactly where we are without them. But lots of us are lucky enough to have the things they taught us and their sense of humour and their noses (lucky, eh?!) with us no matter where we are or where we go.So this one is for the dads. You rock our worlds and we love you to bits!dads_0001dads_0002dads_0003dads_0013dads_0010dads_0009dads_0007dads_0008dads_0017dads_0006dads_0005dads_0024dads_0023dads_0021dads_0016dads_0026dads_0020