Hi, I’m Janine.

It’s so nice to have you here!

I’m a photographer and Instagram addict, book and tea lover and am quite obsessed with the sea. I live in Bangor, Northern Ireland, with my husband, 2 teenage sons and our cocker spaniel, Oscar.

The way I see it, life is precious and is filled with hundreds of tiny magical moments - it’s just not always easy to see them. But they are there, I promise. You just have to know where to look.

My Story

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love photographs. Clicking that new flash cube on top of my slim pocket camera on a school trip in P6 is a memory that really stands out in my mind, along with the excitement of loading a new film and collecting the packet of prints from the chemist when they were ready, sometimes a whole week later!

My dad was a keen photographer as well, and we spent many an hour trying out new filters on our lenses on holiday, excited to see how the starburst would look as we photographed the waves on Floridian beaches. It was all a bit hit and miss, but there was always something about the possibilities of the images I could capture that kept me reaching for the camera and looking for those little moments of joy that I could freeze in a photograph.

The need to document life only escalated when I had my two boys, and I so began my love of digital photography. The ability to take more photos, delete the ones I didn’t like and try again only served to make me want to improve my skills. I followed tutorials and photographed friends’ babies, submitted photos to online forums for feedback and finally developed a style that I could call my own.

A style that focused on the small moments in life, that documented the silly little things my kids did and which highlighted the connections between family members. What I like to call the magic of life.


Once I discovered the joy that capturing this magic brought, I knew I wanted to help other people see the magic in their own lives. You know, the stuff of life that comes between the hard work, the tears, the frustrations of every day.

The magic that makes your life uniquely and authentically yours.

Whether it’s your family, your art or your business, there is something magical about what you do that should be seen - and there is nothing I would rather do than help you share it with the world.