And baby makes 3

We all know that time flies, but sometimes something happens to make you realise just how fast it is actually going. This happened to me recently when I took pre-baby photos for my friend on her due date (she lives on the edge!) followed by a newborn shoot less than 2 weeks later. But it was the fact that I had also done an engagement shoot with them and had the privilege of being their wedding photographer that made me realise that not only had time whizzed by, but that life changes literally in the blink of an eye.From a carefree couple in love, through the precious vows of marriage, to the strange last days of it being just two, and finally to the exhilarating and exhausting days of being first time parents. It has been an absolute delight to watch two wonderful human beings I am proud to call my friends move through these transitions, and I can hardly wait to get my camera round to the baby chub that is now forming rapidly on these fragile little limbs!One of the things I love about this pair is their willingness and desire to be in the photos. All too often I hear clients (read 'women'!) say, "Oh don't get me in the pictures - I'm so unphotogenic/need to lose weight/hate my nose..." And I'll admit, I feel that too. But life is short, people. And your kids don't see what you see. And they will want to look back on photos so they can judge you for your hair style and fashion sense - indeed, it is their right, so who are you to deny it?!!I have some spaces available over the next few weeks for sessions out and about or at your home, so if you think you might need to get yourself in the picture, why not give me a shout? I mean, Mother's Day is just around the corner and it would make an awesome present - I even have gift cards if you would like to purchase a session as a gift and book at a time that suits.Don't forget you can also sign up for my newsletter, where there will be exclusive special offers and giveaways that you don't want to miss!

Abraham :: a newborn session

Sometimes it's true that a photograph speaks a thousand words. I'm going to let these photos speak for themselves, save to say that I've known Aly for many years and am lucky to count her amongst my close friends. And that makes a photo shoot very special. I've photographed all 3 of her boys as newborns, we've bemoaned and celebrated life as mums of boys, we've shared dreams and a lot of coffee and I love them all to bits! Her husband's pretty ok too!Anyway, this session took place when Abraham was one whole week old, the kids were running around, there had been one bloody nose (dad!) before I even arrived, and Aly was swanning around looking fabliss as always! And that is exactly my favourite way to shoot - in the midst of the crazy, wonderful mess that is life.Abe newborn_0001Abe newborn_0002Abe newborn_0003Abe newborn_0004Abe newborn_0005Abe newborn_0006Abe newborn_0007Abe newborn_0008Abe newborn_0009Abe newborn_0010Abe newborn_0011Abe newborn_0012Abe newborn_0013Abe newborn_0014Abe newborn_0015Abe newborn_0016Abe newborn_0017Abe newborn_0018Abe newborn_0019Abe newborn_0020Abe newborn_0021Abe newborn_0022Abe newborn_0023Abe newborn_0024Abe newborn_0025Abe newborn_0026Abe newborn_0027Abe newborn_0028Abe newborn_0029Abe newborn_0030Abe newborn_0031Abe newborn_0032Abe newborn_0033Abe newborn_0034Abe newborn_0035Abe newborn_0036Abe newborn_0037 If you'd like the crazy of your life documented, please give that contact button up there a push and we can make that happen!

Four generations

When I'm asked to photograph a tiny baby with her mum, nana and 2 great grannies my heart actually skips a beat and flutters for a while! It's such a privilege to capture moments like this in a family's history, and getting a sneaky cuddle myself was a total bonus! I've known this family for a long time and it was a joy to see the angst-ridden 12 year old girl from the days of yore all grown up and transformed into an amazing woman and beautiful mum! Such a blessed little baby with all this love surrounding her.I've endorphins running wild just looking at these photos again! If you'd like more information on newborn sessions you can get that from the menu, or to book just fill out the contact form!

an absolute delight

A few days ago I made this.In the grand scheme of things it's pretty poor - the crinkly bit that I had intended for the inside tore apart during the 'turning through' phase and it's a bit wonky in general. But that's not really the point. I found it on Pinterest (there's a whole other blog post there!) and am pretty chuffed that I found something online and made it within a week. For a procrastinator like myself, that is somewhat of an achievement. But that's still not the point. Do you want to see who I made it for? Go on then, you've twisted my arm!This is my very good friend's second baby - you might remember his older brother from this post a couple of years ago. Despite the fact that they no longer live in the same town as us, wild horses would not have kept me from doing this newborn session with them! Look at those floppy arms and baby wrinkles... {sigh}... Once again it's almost enough to make me want more!Baby yawn is my favourite shot to get - they're so rare. We were even more delighted to capture this one as it's almost identical to his brother's. And tiny toes - they never cease to amaze me. Look at that smushed up face - too cute!Looking at big brother in these pictures I can't believe how big he is. Never mind how beautiful he is and how he has developed the ability to get grown ups to ride around his house on a toy tractor! And when he said that his little brother was his best friend I honestly nearly cried! Ah, boys. They get me every time! Aly, my friend, you rock! As do all your boys xx


I've been secretly hoarding these photos from a session with a friend and her absolutely perfectly beautiful baby boy for a few weeks! I love them so much and he honestly is the most amazing little boy. He was a dream from start to finish and I'm already thinking ahead to the fun we'll have at his 6 month shoot in the summer! I told you! He's a total dreamboat! Hearts will be breaking all over in about 15 years time! He is also the bump belonging to the other bridesmaid at my sister's wedding in October which you can see here if you fancy a nosey. Well worth a look!

baby e

What else would you want to do the day after your sister's wedding other than take photos of a tiny baby? It was perfect timing for our friends who were home for a few days for the aforementioned wedding, and I was delighted to be able to get some family photos for themwhile they were here. Just how cute is she? Oh, it is just the luckiest job in the world to take pictures of little miracles like her!