an absolute delight

A few days ago I made this.In the grand scheme of things it's pretty poor - the crinkly bit that I had intended for the inside tore apart during the 'turning through' phase and it's a bit wonky in general. But that's not really the point. I found it on Pinterest (there's a whole other blog post there!) and am pretty chuffed that I found something online and made it within a week. For a procrastinator like myself, that is somewhat of an achievement. But that's still not the point. Do you want to see who I made it for? Go on then, you've twisted my arm!This is my very good friend's second baby - you might remember his older brother from this post a couple of years ago. Despite the fact that they no longer live in the same town as us, wild horses would not have kept me from doing this newborn session with them! Look at those floppy arms and baby wrinkles... {sigh}... Once again it's almost enough to make me want more!Baby yawn is my favourite shot to get - they're so rare. We were even more delighted to capture this one as it's almost identical to his brother's. And tiny toes - they never cease to amaze me. Look at that smushed up face - too cute!Looking at big brother in these pictures I can't believe how big he is. Never mind how beautiful he is and how he has developed the ability to get grown ups to ride around his house on a toy tractor! And when he said that his little brother was his best friend I honestly nearly cried! Ah, boys. They get me every time! Aly, my friend, you rock! As do all your boys xx