holiday snapshots

Admittedly there has been a bit of a blogging dirth of late. We were on holiday in Wales and Somerset for 2 weeks at the start of July and the last 2 weeks I have pretty much spent ferrying one or both of the boys to various summer activities/play dates/birthday parties. Busy it has most certainly been, and super duper jolly good fun has been had by all! I could bore you to tears with details of days out, coffees drunk, family caught up with, rain storms weathered yada yada yada, but you know for me it's true that a picture speaks a thousand words. So pictures it shall be. It's a sort of holiday tour via Hipstamatic - I'm still trying to sort through the 790 odd photos I took on my camera, so this seems the most sensible way to give you a taster of what Team Boyd have been up to on holiday. I will follow up bits and pieces with more words over the next couple of weeks, but for now I give you the Boyd family holiday in 30 small square prints.