The Millars

One of the best bits of photographing a couple's wedding, is that sometimes you get a call a year or two down the line to share the amazing news of a new addition to the family and the need for some new photos. I was had the best time second shooting with Aly Harte at Pamela and Andy's wedding several years ago, and as Aly has decided to focus full time on her art and wellbeing blog (and sold me most of her equipment!) it was me who got to document the new family of 3.Now we all know I'm a sucker for a baby session, but the cuteness of this and Eva's facial expressions for one so young literally tipped me over the edge. Also, is there anything more beautiful to watch than new parents who are in love with their baby? I think not. I have some space for family sessions through the summer, so if you would more information I would love you to fill in the contact form at the top of this post. I promise you won't regret it! 

A bit of a brag

I am really lucky to get to photograph so many gorgeous families, kids, couples and babies.  But I have no hesitation in declaring that this particular baba is the most beautiful one ever.  In.  The.  World.  OK, I know she's my niece but I would like to again congratulate my sister and brother in law for producing such a shining wee beauty!These are from a couple of months ago when she was six months.  So gorgeous!I told you!!

Em, hello, you're adorable!

There is just something amazing about watching a baby grow from a tiny newborn to a chubby 6 month old to a very cute 1 year old with a wee personality all his own. And when it's not even your own baby and you're just along for the ride and some photographs it's even more of a privilege to watch this transformation. If it wasn't for the fact that this cutie belongs to my sister's best friend and I can go for cuddles whenever I want, I'd suggest there's a strong possibility I might have tried to make off with him during this session! I defy you to tell me you wouldn't have too!See, I told you he's adorable!!

on cheeks and chubb

You know how it works over here by now. I blog for a few days and get everyone all a-fluster, then I do nothing for weeks. Repeat to fade. I try, I honestly do. But life is just so busy. And while I really, really want to take pictures of it all and share it here, I find I don't always have the time or the inclination. It turns out I would much rather be in my life, living it as best I can, than stressing about documenting and sharing it all. And this is good, I think.So my camera with its completely full CF card will lie in the bag for another day or two, and I will instead entice you with sweet baby loveliness from a couple of months ago. You might remember him from his newborn photos earlier this year and I really can't believe how time is marching on and how big and lovely he has become. Furthermore, he is the epitome of baby chubb! It's there, all over his sweet cheeks and chunky legs that make you just want to squish every last ounce of chubb right out of them! Wait until you see... I know you're loving it as much as I am! Oh, I could have munched on that chubb all day. And he was such a sweetheart, allowing his mummy to change him and pose him and pander to my silly suggestions. I can NOT wait for the next shoot with him. Watch this space...

super cute baby alert!

Last week I had the pleasure to photograph one very cute baby indeed. And his big brother, who has grown tremendously since I photographed him at 2 weeks old! The session was such fun - it's always a real privilege to go back to a family I've worked with before and share their joy at a new addition, and this family in particular are just so relaxed and easy to work with. Look at how cute they are....*sigh*Thank you Haslam family for letting me barge in on your Saturday morning and do what I love to do.