jump for joy!

The past few days here have had a definite hint of spring about them. It's been warm enough to go out for a while with just a sweatshirt and no coat; there are bright green buds appearing on the naked branches of trees and shrubs; the sun has been out for more than 2 minutes at a time; and I've found myself beginning to think about what it would be like to sit on a bench outside and have a cup of tea. Delightful ponderings, I can tell you! And all this thinking about spring and a bit of warmth in the air reminded me that I have a couple of weddings from last summer that I never got around to sharing on the blog. So I shall share one with you now!The bride from this session is the cousin of my very best friend in the world, and their family is a pretty special family. The bride's family traipsed from Toronto to Bangor for the wedding and I was the most privileged girl in the world to get to do their photography, with some much appreciated assistance from my very talented friend, Mr M. I was initially highly intimidated at the prospect because the groom is also a photographer of the utmost talent (seriously, you have to check out his work!) But all nerves faded the moment I met him and saw how totally loved up the pair of them were and that they were game for anything! They had a website called 'Jump for Joy' to share the news of their engagement and their wedding plans, which explains a lot of the shots. Shall I stop wittering and show you? Ok then!Just looking at these images again makes me want to jump for joy! Seriously the best time I've ever had shooting a wedding. Makes me want to do more! Anyone in need of a wedding photographer?!! Click below to see a slideshow of the whole wedding.