The happiest wedding ever!

I've been wanting to blog this wedding for ever and until now life has just kept getting in the way. But I'm not letting anything stop me this evening.These two are quite possibly the sweetest couple in the world, and to say it was a privilege documenting their day is a gross understatement! Not only did I get to photograph the day for a good friend, but I gained another along the way and for that I will be eternally grateful.The weather was rubbish, raining nearly all day, but as you will see, not even the dampest Northern Ireland weather can rain on true love's parade! So grab a cup of coffee (glass of wine optional), get yourself comfy and take a peek at the happiest wedding ever!Now, don't you feel altogether cheered and jolly to your core? Mark and Linz, you two were a dream couple to work with and to count you as friends made it all the more special! And to Aly, I will forever be all over any opportunity for the #dreamteam to work together!!

Amy and Adam got married

It was such a privilege for me to document Amy and Adam's wedding at the start of the summer.  I've known Amy since forever and her family feel like family to ours.  It was a beautiful day from start to finish - if you don't count the 10 minutes when we thought we were going to have to cut a zip out of one of the bridesmaid dresses!  Every little detail was simply perfect and it was a joy to be a part of.

jump for joy!

The past few days here have had a definite hint of spring about them. It's been warm enough to go out for a while with just a sweatshirt and no coat; there are bright green buds appearing on the naked branches of trees and shrubs; the sun has been out for more than 2 minutes at a time; and I've found myself beginning to think about what it would be like to sit on a bench outside and have a cup of tea. Delightful ponderings, I can tell you! And all this thinking about spring and a bit of warmth in the air reminded me that I have a couple of weddings from last summer that I never got around to sharing on the blog. So I shall share one with you now!The bride from this session is the cousin of my very best friend in the world, and their family is a pretty special family. The bride's family traipsed from Toronto to Bangor for the wedding and I was the most privileged girl in the world to get to do their photography, with some much appreciated assistance from my very talented friend, Mr M. I was initially highly intimidated at the prospect because the groom is also a photographer of the utmost talent (seriously, you have to check out his work!) But all nerves faded the moment I met him and saw how totally loved up the pair of them were and that they were game for anything! They had a website called 'Jump for Joy' to share the news of their engagement and their wedding plans, which explains a lot of the shots. Shall I stop wittering and show you? Ok then!Just looking at these images again makes me want to jump for joy! Seriously the best time I've ever had shooting a wedding. Makes me want to do more! Anyone in need of a wedding photographer?!! Click below to see a slideshow of the whole wedding.

cheep cheep cheep...

went all the little chicks! Further embarrassment will follow - my own included. Please note in the collage the completely fabulous Chris of Danze Attack who flew in from Manchester to make all our 80's Fame dance dreams come true! Chris, you were A - MAZ - ING!!!! I can honestly say that our weekend was fantastic from start to finish - great Chinese on Friday, Sing Star ('nuff said!), 3 hours of workout and dance with Chris, amazing meal out in Distillers'Arms, and dancing in Kelly's (which, thankfully, wasn't anywhere near as scary as we'd thought it might be!) The dance lesson was clearly the highlight. The 'warm up', a term I use lightly here, was on a par with an hour of Body Pump. And I really don't think I've ever laughed as much for such a prolonged period in my life as I did while we learnt our routine. Just the best fun ever with some of our best friends in the world. To those whose pending bambinos meant they couldn't be with us, know that you were most definitely there in spirit.


Hen 1 

In other news, I feel it only fair to share with you the new love of my life. Oh how I love it!!


It's really just the bag of loveliness, don't you think? What's lovely with you this week?



When 2 of my daily blog stops both directed me to the flickr word spell thingy it would have seemed nothing short of rude not to use it myself. And that's what happened to an hour of my life earlier today, just playing with words and seeing the variety of letters to choose from. I love the internet! So I present to you, my one little word for 2010 - CALM


And then I thought I could use it to share some exciting family news about my sister who is now

E1 NG1 AG2 E2 D 
Very exciting news for the family indeed! We are super excited about getting to keep the fabulous Scott in the family, especially for his tireless commitment to games of cricket in the back garden! Eyes peeled from here on for tales from the matron of honour (that would be me). And also a prize for anyone who can come up with a better title than matron - not sure how long I can take the 'ooh, Matron!' gags. Any HELPFUL suggestions welcome in the comments!