When 2 of my daily blog stops both directed me to the flickr word spell thingy it would have seemed nothing short of rude not to use it myself. And that's what happened to an hour of my life earlier today, just playing with words and seeing the variety of letters to choose from. I love the internet! So I present to you, my one little word for 2010 - CALM


And then I thought I could use it to share some exciting family news about my sister who is now

E1 NG1 AG2 E2 D 
Very exciting news for the family indeed! We are super excited about getting to keep the fabulous Scott in the family, especially for his tireless commitment to games of cricket in the back garden! Eyes peeled from here on for tales from the matron of honour (that would be me). And also a prize for anyone who can come up with a better title than matron - not sure how long I can take the 'ooh, Matron!' gags. Any HELPFUL suggestions welcome in the comments!