rugby, red noses and a really good offer!

Well it's all gone a bit haywire. I had great plans for making things, going places and generally being a fun, active mum.And then we got sick! So the above was put on hold for another weekend and in place of fun stuff came blankets, hot water bottles, basins and a lot of cuddles. So I thought I'd share a few photos from the days prior to sickness (because no matter how much you may love us I'm pretty sure you don't want to see pictures of sick kids and parents!)Patrick played in a rugby match last Saturday, and it was really the week that their players were transformed into a wee team. Such a joy to watch them put into practice what they've learned in training, although passing is still a bit of an issue, and I do think they should have a special room for mums to watch from so we don't panic when the large child from the opposition brings our son down with a crash and 4 other players on top of him! Really, I'm not sure how much I love a game that requires protective headgear at age 7!!Conor is trailed along to these events on a weekly basis and it would be fair to say that he isn't a firm supporter of his brother's efforts yet. So the DS is the way forward at match time. Yay for Santa and modern technology! He is pretty darn cute when he isn't complaining though, don't you think?This past week we have also been getting ready for some Comic Relief fun. The boys are big fans of the red noses and this year we have also acquired a couple of the official t-shirts - helped along by the fact that they feature a skull and crossbones and in the opinion of the small people in this house that makes them really cool. Who am I to argue? Getting them to pose for a photo to show off their red noses, however, does not count as really cool. What's that, you don't believe me?They did concede in the end and gave me a few to work with!The reason for all this posing was ultimately for something other than gratifying a mum with a camera. For once! After watching the BBC programmes the past few weeks about the slum outside Nairobi in Kenya I honestly felt that I had to do something to help, no matter how small. The abject poverty that such a large proportion of our world lives in is beyond shocking. For days I had complained about the dust on our floors from the work that's being done in our gardens - those programmes did a pretty good job at giving me some perspective. But what could a girl like me do? I don't run or do anything vaguely physical that anyone in their right mind would sponsor me to do. I don't make things fast enough or knit well enough to dare ask anyone for money for my creations. I only bake for birthdays or when the bananas have arrived at a state of mush that means they are destined for banana bread. But what I can do is use a camera. So photographs it is!Which leads me to announce my special offer in my Etsy shop.I know some of you have come across this on my Facebook page and have already generously bought prints (thank you very much!) But for those of you who haven't, for this week, until midnight on Saturday 20th March, all profits from the sales of my prints will be donated to Comic Relief. Could it be that you are looking for a pretty print for a frame you bought a while ago? Are you looking for something different as a present for Mother's Day? Would you just like to do something to help people who are so desperately in need? If yes is your answer to any of these questions then please pop over to my shop, have a look and maybe, if you feel so inclined, pop a print in your basket knowing that your money is going somewhere it is really needed. If you've missed all the links through this rather lengthy paragraph you can easily get to my shop by clicking on the tab at the top of this page that says SHOP. Please let your friends know as well, either by linking to the blog or sharing the link on Facebook (which you can get to via the other tab at the top of this page!) I would love to be able to post next week and share an amazing total with you!For now, though, I'm off to check on the one sickie remaining (Daddy) and prepare myself for another afternoon of boys shouting at rugby! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday :)