a pretty normal day

We've been off for half term this past week (I'm pretending my day at work on Wednesday didn't actually happen!) and if truth be told it's been a pretty low key holiday. The weather has been pretty poor, and since our garden is a building site in progress anyway, the boys have barely been able to get outside for any fun. So we've gone down the line of pottering, Lego, reading, Dsi or Wii, more pottering, some making, a bit of playing with friends and a whole lot more pottering. And it's been lovely. I'm trying not to get sucked into thinking that spring is never coming (even thought it actually feels that way) and so I forced myself to get the camera out for a bit of documentation of our day yesterday. It's fun to look back at your pictures at the end of the day, when you've got some distance from the bickering and squabbling and tearing your hair out at the fact that no one ever seems to listen, and see just what your day was actually like. This is how ours looked...There was a pretty intense battle involving daddy's old soldiers and about 300 marbles; an unexpected gift of some pretty knitted tops from my sister; a bit of self-portraiture; some work starting in our garden; pancakes for lunch; lovely coffee with the Stronges; a few purchases of Lego and not a single bit of reading that magazine; a bit of chasing; much ninja action; a whole lot of bubbles and some underwater swimming in the bath. Not a bad day all in all!I wonder if your days look anything like mine. If you're a picture taker, why not link up to your pictures via the comments? That way I could reassure myself that I'm not the only mum who spends half the day in the world of Lego!