make do March

There is definitely something about the longer days and hope of a bit of sunshine that makes me want to clear out cupboards and drawers and cull the clutter a little more. You'll note that it's clearing out I want to do, not cleaning - I don't think I have a gene for that at all, apart from dusting Lego, but that would need a whole other post to explain!The combination of Christmas and a mid January birthday which spanned almost an entire month this year has inevitably meant that we've acquired more than our fair share of new toys and games. It feels like something new has come into our home every week since the end of December. And despite a clear out before the holidays it seems that there is stuff everywhere. Pens and pencils, bits of paper, Lego bricks and men, collector cards, books and comics vie for space on every surface of our house. And the most mind boggling thing of all is that we still want more! The boys want more Lego, I want new craft supplies, spring clothes and magazines, and even daddy yearns for a new hoodie or trainers. Surely there has to be some way to put an end to this constant need for more?The one thing I think we can afford to allow ourselves a little bit more of this month is contentment with what we have. Because apparently we have a ton of stuff!! And so I have declared this month, "Make Do March"! In honour of this post I took a little photo tour around the house to see if there is any need for more this month. I think not!

more than enough Lego!

plenty of magazine fodder

more t-shirts and football kits than you could shake a stick at!

we are good for wii games

the Amazon wishlist shall remain just that!

viewing material? check!

window shopping only for new scrap supplies!

8 days in to Make Do March I am happy to report that so far no one has died from being told no, they can't have whatever it is they want. In other good news, Lego which hasn't seen the light of day has been brought out from drawers and off shelves. And we have been witness to more new magic tricks than I would have thought possible! Who knew?!

Admittedly there are another 23 days to go, and I don't doubt that in that space of time Lego will have unleashed another A-MAZ-ING Ninjago character that will be the source of a major battle in the Ballyholme area. But for now I am happy with how we are going. I feel another clear out coming very soon, maybe even this weekend - I may have a couple of magazines from 2007 that I could let go! And I am pretty sure there are one or two things that could make it to the east to be further enjoyed by my other favourite pair of brothers. After that, who knows what could be dispensed with? I shall keep you posted!