Keeping it simple. That's something that's been on my mind a lot lately. How can I keep life simple? For me personally, for the boys, for us as a family. Because nothing seems to be simple anymore, despite what advertisers, the internet and social media websites tell us. There is more choice than I could possibly need, be it shoes, groceries, books, blogs or choclate.I don't really do well with choice. My sister will testify to this after countless shopping expeditions during which she produces many fabulous outfits, tops or accessories to be greeted with a lot of hmmming and haaaing on my part and ultimately no purchases at the end of the day. Choice complicates things, it doesn't make things simple at all.So in a world full of choices and where life is lived in full view of everyone via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, how is a girl meant to get back to simple? The weekend we spent at Bushmills over half term helped me to clarify this somewhat. To keep it simple you just strip away all the stuff that clutters life up and put what is left outside in the elements, give it a stick and a hat and then join in the fun.It turns out that I like the simple stuff best. Some time away with all my boys where we can just be ourselves, be free from obligations, be out there enjoying this amazing creation. It helps if there is no wifi or 3G to distract or complicate matters. And a glass of wine doesn't hurt! Slippers are optional.This post is part of an exciting little collaboration with my fabulous and super-inspiring friend. Aly Every month (or whenever the notion takes us) we will both post something based on a single word - who knows what might be up on Aly's blog right now?! I for one am hopping right over there to see what her thoughts on simple are. I really hope you follow the link and have a look too. I'd love to hear how you keep things simple, or if you like it all messy and complicated - do tell!