strange things are afoot at the desk in my study

I can't quite put my finger on when exactly it happened. It was quite a gradual thing. I didn't even really see it coming, to be honest. But after months of reading some of my favourite creative blogs, looking at amazing creations, layouts, photographs, recipes, I apparently reached my inspiration limit and managed to move myself off the settee and into the study (which I think henceforth should be known as the studio!) and began to create!My stash of supplies and tools welcomed me as a long lost friend. Patterned paper crawled out from its place of hibernation and began to bid for my attention. Such a warm welcome was it that I couldn't help myself - I grabbed a few photos (actually carefully chosen, edited and printed to size earlier that day - not so much of the spontaneous in me as I would have you believe), reached for the glue and started sticking photos and pretty paper together. It was cathartic, I tell you. And an actual barrel load of fun to boot!I don't know why I do this to myself, this self-inflicted absence from creating. It is so clearly a part of me that I should be tearing myself away from it to make the tea or clean the bathrooms instead of the other way around. In a bid to assist with this I am taking part in an online class to help me document my One Little Word this year. Don't let me mislead you into thinking that I am anything other than behind even at this early stage in the year, but at least it's a goal, and I am creeping slowly towards it.I'm not sure how much of it, if any, I'll post here, but I do have a couple of other little goodies up my sleeve for later this week. Exciting little ventures to get this blog going again and help me connect with my lovely readers, even if it is just the same people I chat with on instagram or facebook or my actual phone.Aside from other little projects, I also have a heap of photos from our weekend at the north coast over half term. A weekend of relaxing and spending time with my boys, away from work, boring jobs, shopping and even the internet - painful but necessary! The weather was shocking as it always seems to be when we go there, but after 4 years of staying in the same place we are well versed in how to dodge impending storms and appreciate the wonders of creation as much as humanly possible in 3 days! I will try to get some photos up in a few days, but as I was uploading them to the computer earlier this one caught my eye and had to be edited immediately.

taken at Dunseverick Harbour with Michael shouting at me not to go too far!

I actually think dramatic weather suits that coastline even better than sun - it's so ancient and mythical and majestic and awe-inspiring and never fails to take my breath away. I hope you pop back for a look at some more of it later in the week - it would be lovely to see you x