a daily journey

I'm posting alongside my amazingly talented friend Aly again today. I love that we share a passion for creating, for trying to keep life as simple as possible, that her boys happily sport my boys' not totally knackered hand-me-downs, and that the world of blogging makes us both a little bit giddy! You should totally hop over to her blog for a read and a nosey at the thrifty, art-filled, tractor-infused fabulousness that is her life. I love that blogs give you permission to take a peek into the lives of others - it satisfies my nosey nature no end.This may also explain my love of other 'sneak peek' outlets too. I often lose track of how many times in the day I refresh my Instagram feed to see the newest batch of images from the people whose lives I 'follow'. And I will squint to read the journalling on layouts in any scrapbook magazines I read. I want to know the details, good or bad, to share a little of the journey the designers are on in their lives.A couple of months ago a lot of folk on Instagram were taking part in Ali Edwards' Day in the Life project, taking pictures of the little details of their day, chronicling the day's journey from start to finish. I'm totally inspired by this kind of documentation that records just the ordinary stuff - what you did, what you ate, chores, good things and not so good, TV you watched and so on. I would love to know how my grandparents spent their days when they were young and carefree, but now that I want to know, none of them are alive to tell me. I would hate for my grandchildren to find themselves in the same situation years from now so a few weeks ago I took the plunge and decided to collect a visual record of what the Boyds did with their day.My days are so often filled with routine, both in school and at home, that I'm often rushing from one thing to the next, keen to get the next item ticked off my list and move on that I sometimes forget to just stop and enjoy what I'm doing. I'm so focused on getting to the end of the day and assessing how much I've achieved that the process of simply living gets rather bypassed. I was hoping that this exercise would help me slow down and be part of life for a change. Focus more on the journey than the destination. I think it worked. I enjoyed the journey from morning to evening a little more than usual. Who knows - I may just do it again!I love the quote by Ernest Hemingway that the journey is more important than the destination. I can't help but think that this philosophy could make such a difference in people's lives if we all tried to enjoy where we are at just a little bit more and stopped trying to rush to the next part of life. I wonder what your journey looks like. Have you stopped to enjoy the view of right now recently? If you haven't, why not grab a cup of tea and a comfy seat and just take it in. In the words of the great Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."