A bit of a celebration

It will probably come as no surprise that I love a bit of a celebration. Especially when it's a family celebration that makes one little person feel like a very special person indeed. For weeks before a birthday in this house there is much chat about what kind of party it's going to be (Conor has a new decision on this most days in life), who is going to be invited, what we shall do, the food we will eat (Conor is very opinionated about this too - no crisps at the next one apparently!), what will go in the party bags and what gifts might be received. I tell myself that this is all a bit of a stress, but most people who know me are on to the fact that I actually love it.I love that every time I think about some aspect of the celebration that I'm reminded of the boy in question and all that he encompasses. For this most recent celebration I was constantly reminded that for him it's all about football. Still. I store little memories that might make it onto a scrapbook layout and think about how his face lights up every time Daddy says 'Yes' to the request to come out and play football in the garden for a while.I was also reminded, by way of the massive guest list, that this is our sociable boy, the one who's a part of every group of friends in his class. Who counts a lot of very different boys as friends and is appreciated by each of them in return. This makes me so happy and proud, because it's a far cry from the child I was and it's one little worry less for this one.I love the traditions of family celebrations. Cakes are integral in our house, and it is quite important that there be one for the kids' party and one for the family party. At least one of these must be made by mummy with requested icing and decoration - usually this ends up as the family cake because, quite frankly, I don't believe that any of the 16 boys at the party would fully have appreciated my efforts or the moistness of the cake! It is also tradition that at least one candle be of the variety that keeps relighting, causing much mirth and giggling.The celebrations on the actual day of the birthday are also full of little traditions. From the early morning opening of presents in mummy and daddy's bed, to the ceremonial ripping off of wrapping paper and reading every word on the cards, to the small party with only close family later in the day. Complete with cups of tea and the aforementioned cake. I love it all!And the obligatory photograph with mummy at the end of it all. I can't believe how big this boy is getting. Never mind how handsome, thoughtful, funny and downright cool! But I do wish he would slow down just a bit so that I can keep him small for just a bit longer.