spring in pictures :: day 13

And so it is May! I love May. It's a birthday month, it's usually pleasant in the weather department, and it means that the summer holidays are just around the corner. Yesterday we had another little glimpse of what the summer could be like, if this amazing weather we've enjoyed for about 2 weeks now would continue. We spent the afternoon in the garden, pottering about, playing football, reclining on our fabulous new garden chairs and generally feeling content with life. The icing on the cake for us was an after tea trip for ice cream in a little town about 10 minutes away. Now, those of you who know these parts will know exactly where I'm talking about, but for those of you from further afield, let me introduce you to The Cabin. It's a tiny little sweet and ice cream shop in Donaghadee, and it is not a word of a lie when I say that an ice cream (with flake and optional sprinkles) from The Cabin is not only an institution in these parts, but a little taste of heaven in a cone! But ice cream aside, the shop itself is a wonder to behold. I would seriously doubt if it has changed since the 1950s. It has shunned moving with the times in favour of keeping its individuality and allowing its customers to remember a time when you could still have sweets weighed out and buy one or two items for less than 50p (hard to believe, but true!) I did try to take photos of the ice creams, but you wouldn't believe how quickly this family can put it away! Now, I know that some of you are probably thinking, 'She's lost the ability to take a good picture without the amazing processing tricks that her phone allow her to use', but you'd be wrong. I would have had a myriad of 'proper' photos from yesterday if I'd remembered to put the CF card into the camera before I left the house! So I had no choice but to use my fancy apps again, Ho hum! Donaghadee is famed not only for its ice cream, however. It also boasts one of the finest lighthouses in these parts, and the boys are also rather partial to the large orange lifeboat that rests in the harbour too. Such a pretty place - I hope we get more sunny days this year to enjoy just a few more ice creams there! Now before I finish for today, I have the exciting job of announcing the winner of the place on Creativity Boot Camp. I wish I had more places to give away, but the giveaway goes to Jo! Jo, I will email details of the course to you, and for those of you who didn't win, you can still register here for the bargain price of $49. I should also add that Maegan is giving half of the money from registration fees to the amazing charity Show Hope. You can read more about the work of this charity and why she has chosen them on the Creativity Boot Camp website or at the Show Hope website.It's back to school for me tomorrow, but I promise to post just a couple of pictures from our adventures today at some point in the evening, which will allow me to feel rather smug for sticking to my promise to take photos and blog them (almost!) every day. I look forward to seeing you then.