spring in pictures :: day 12

Aside from the beautiful blossom that abounds at this time of year, the one other flower that just screams "SPRING" is the humble bluebell. I am seeing them everywhere at the minute, and on several occasions have rued the fact that there's been nowhere to park so that I could plunder a few for my study! Luckily for me and my camera there are a healthy few flourishing in the hedge in our garden. Some are the richest purply blue while another little clump are the prettiest shade of pastel lilac. Just beautiful. As if the bluebells aren't enough, there's the most gorgeous budlia in my neighbour's garden that yesterday was begging to be photographed as well. Alas, my zoom lens is out of action which meant I couldn't get close ups of the blooms. What I did get, though, was some amazing flare and foliage - a winning combination in my book!Ah, spring in the sunshine. It is good for the soul! Don't forget to pop back tomorrow to see if you've won the place at Creativity Boot Camp.