spring in pictures :: days 10 and 11

Well I would have posted photos from Thursday yesterday but, um, I couldn't tear myself away from all the coverage of the royal wedding. Seriously! So I bring them to you today. Our amazing weather has really made such a difference to our days. Just being able to be outside enjoying time together is such a novelty. And to be able to take pictures of blossom on the trees as opposed to scraping wet blossom of the windscreen of the car, well, it just about makes my day. I will never tire of taking photos of blossom, and there were a couple of trees just begging to have their picture taken when we went out for coffee. You may take it for granted that I no longer have any shame in how weird I might look trying to get the best shot, and when that's coupled with all the options of my Hipstamatic app I simply exist in my own little bubble of photo love! Bless my family for ignoring me and letting me just get on with it.Let me also point out just how pretty coffee is at this particular spot - it's the same place where we made pretty dishes last week. It would have been rude to pick up the dishes and not enjoy some of this!Or indeed to have robbed the boys of playing 'How much fun can you have with giant sticks?'The day went on to include a few of Conor's friends who at one point went missing and were replaced by 5 Jedi.Alas, the Jedi had to return from whence they came, leaving behind only small signs that they had ever been here. This little scene I stumbled upon in the kitchen once the boys had all gone home and it just said to me 'small boys were here and had fun'!Now as I mentioned at the start of this post, yesterday I came over all of a dither over the royal wedding. Perhaps it was tiredness, or hormones, or general lack of anything girly in this house but I couldn't get enough of it. My lovely sister hosted a royal coffee morning where she greeted us in a formal dress, my mother arrived in some shocking pink kaftan and wedding hat, and I had no good reason not to crack out the spangly silver sandals I wore at my sister's wedding! We laughed, we cried, we oohed and aahhed and generally had a jolly good time. What was not to love? And I don't even care how sad (or just downright weird) it may make me look that I took pictures of the TV screen so that I could prove I was there and watching it live! Hurrah for a jolly good show, that's what I say!Just before I leave you to ponder exactly what sort of person would take photos of a TV screen, let me remind you that the giveaway for a place on Creativity Boot Camp is still open until 9pm on Sunday. I'll randomly draw a winner on Monday and post it here after 9pm.