busy busy busy....


I'm more and more aware that there are just some periods of your life when other things take over and the things you would like to do have to take a back seat for a while. I've been a good little matron of honour helping my sister get ready for her wedding tomorrow, which has meant very little time on the computer, very little photo taking and very, very little scrapbooking.  But that's ok, because this wedding is super exciting in our household! The boys are delighted to be getting an uncle out of it, mainly I think because he says yes to all the stuff and requests that we say no to (he'll learn eventually!) And Michael is excited to be gaining another male into the family to boost numbers at future gatherings. And I'm past excited that my sister is finally getting to marry exactly the right person!! So while I'm rather sorry that this little blog has been sadly neglected, I'm excited about the posts I can share over the next few weeks.


I'm hoping to have some exciting ventures to share with you when I get back into the swing of things here - some changes and some new avenues I'm going to be exploring. And now that I've brought it to your attention I will be encouraged to make sure I get everything ready for the big reveal!


Ok, reading back over that last paragraph I'm a bit worried that my big reveal may not live up to your expectations, but I shall try my best! While I've been busy helping out with wedding preparations I've been thinking a lot about big things. Things like jobs and creative ventures, work and family, dreams and reality. Now, when my mother reads this she'll most likely go into protective overdrive telling me to slow down and not get worked up about things! But that's not really the kind of thinking I've been doing, it's more of a long, slow consideration of the different aspects of my life and how the balance doesn't always feel right. I wonder do you ever feel that way? I suppose when it comes down to it I'm wondering right now if I'm living the life I'm meant to be living. Wondering if gifts and talents could be better used? Could I change one or two things to shift the balance for the good of us all? Lots of questions that need a good pondering. I wonder if any of my new ventures will be the start of something good?!


Anyway, it's surely time for me to go and finish my cup of tea and Fry's Chocolate Cream (a combination worth trying, I assure you) before wedding craziness kicks in. I will most definitely be back at the start of the week with some wedding photos - I hope you'll pop over for a nosey at what we expect will be the wedding of the year!!

Have a great weekend x