golly gosh isn't this the prettiest thing you've ever seen!

I have made no secret of the fact that I have been longing for an i-phone for, well, pretty much since they came out. I have watched as my friends have taken the plunge and coveted them from afar. I have seen how great all those apps look and lusted after the pretty covers. I have waited, and stuck with my trusty Nokia for the duration of my contract (because I'm not one to back out of contracts!) Until finally, my contract ran out and I decided that life is too short and that it's good for the soul to treat yourself once in a while! And so I give you......my new i-phone!



Ok, I admit I'm toying with you a bit here only showing the box, but it's my birthday tomorrow and I want to wait until I have a pretty cover before the actual phone makes its blog debut! But let it be known that we were destined to be together, in fact, it's like a little part of me I didn't know was missing has suddenly popped into place! And as I suspected, those apps are just the most terrific fun ever! Oh how I love it :)

What are you loving this weekend?