Friday photo faves

I've sort of made a promise to myself that I'm going to take a photo a day to document my last year of my 30s. I've tried this before, the photo a day thing with limited success but I really want to challenge myself, and what a cool record of a year it could be if I stick with it. So spurred on by the ever lovely Maegan and the 102 others who have signed up to do the same, I've been cracking the camera out each day, whether I've felt inspired or not. I'm allowing myself until next Saturday to get into the rhythm since my final 30-something year doesn't start until then :)


And you know what? It's been really fun. Trying to think of new ways to take photos of things I've taken hundreds of photos of before. Setting up little still lifes around the house. And just getting back into the habit of documenting our daily life again. I've missed taking photos of the things we do and the general stuff that makes us us.


I'm also rediscovering the joy in just taking pictures for me. Even on the days when I'm not really in the mood to get the camera out, once I start I just want to keep on going. I think this is what I've always loved about photography, that when I look through the lens I see things differently from other people. It's a little bit addictive. And although the things I'm taking pictures of may not be what people expect someone to take photos of, these pictures are my way of showing the world how I see it. Which I think is pretty cool!


Surely not too many mums out there are taking pictures of the new Match Attax binder, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be a big feature of our lives over the next few months, and so it's a part of the world that I inhabit. Admittedly, this is a huge can of worms which I will most likely moan about in posts over the next few months, but for now it seems important to one of us and that makes me happy.


And if ever there was a time of year to be taking photos, surely it has to be now. All that autumnal colour and amazing light - it's photography heaven! 

My favourite of this week, though, has nothing to do with autumn, but oh how it makes me smile. Meet 'Pupil of the Week' from Room 10! His reward for 'good comprehension answers'! Can you hear my heart sing?


I'm excited about trundling along on this little photography journey of a year in my life. And writing about it here gives me that extra push I need to be disciplined and keep going. So please, come back in a week or two and see how I'm getting on - a little company on a long journey always makes it so much more fun!