just the best day!

It's taken me a while to muster up the will to write this post because, if truth be told, I'm in a bit of a post-wedding slump.  All those months of planning, preparation and final touches really did make for the best day, but boy was it over in a nano-second! It also came as somewhat of a surprise to me that my camera didn't really feature much during the day either, as my poor selection of photos shows rather clearly! Thank goodness my good friend Johnny was there in a much more professional capacity to capture the day perfectly for us all. I suspect that if you check in at his blog in a while you might get to see some top notch photos. 

So for now, I'm just going to post a snapshot of photos that will hopefully give you a feel for the day and the huge amount of joy that was abounding throughout!

The pretty stunning bride-to-be.  That smile did not leave her face all day!


The stunning breathtakingly beautiful bridesmaids! Photo taken by a friend of my mum - not sure why the dresses are looking so pink. They were much more of a subdued damson colour. Very autumnal indeed.


The happiest couple in the world! They both looked like they'd won the lottery the whole day!



While my lovely new brother-in-law looked, indeed, rather handsome, I'm pretty sure it was these two who stole the show. When I arrived at the church I could not believe how grown up Patrick looked in his little tails - almost reduced me to a blubbering mess at the outset! And Conor was nothing short of adorable in his little posh jeans and shirt. In my head I can already see the steady flow of heartbroken girls that will be loitering outside our house in years to come!


The very proud mother of the bride with her other fabulous daughter! See what I mean about the dresses? You can just about see the much softer shade they were in this picture.


Now, if you remember the posts about the hen weekend, you'll remember that we learnt a dance that we were to reproduce at the evening disco. Alas, it is not for me to post those pics (I bet that other blog I mentioned earlier will post them at some point!) but dance we did! Feeling sick to our stomachs and practically inhaling wine in the few seconds before we took to the floor! So I give you, the girls!! Photo courtesy of the lovely Cathryn :)


I know I didn't take many pictures but you just can't leave a wedding without the cutting the cake shot, can you? And check out the gleam on that new wedding ring!


The best man was Scott's brother and he was the star of the speeches! Seriously hilarious. I love how much their mum laughed!


Thankfully Scott also appeared to find it hilarious!


And of course, the first dance. They really are the cutest couple around (obviously apart from myself and Michael!!)


Oh, looking at these photos has cheered me up somewhat! I can't wait to see the professional ones in a week or two, and as soon as there are some online for you to see I will link you straight over.

Now, I'm off to convince son #2 that given the pouring rain he really must put his t-shirt back on before going to nanny's and then add some more holes and fake blood to son #1's zombie outfit! I'm not a big one for Hallowe'en, but I hope you enjoy whatever fun you're up to this weekend!