A bag

Made by me, for Patrick. And jolly pleased with it I am too! I've had an itch to make a tote bag for ages. Especially since I bought this book and this one. Finally there was an actual need for a bag (I know, I know, you don't ever have to need a bag to have one - and I will be teaching the boys from an early age that you can never have too many. Their wives will love me for that!) I have decided that Patrick needs a bedtime activity bag to keep him amused while I put Conor to bed. Bedtime at the minute is just too long altoghether with trips downstairs for Charlie and Lola and other assorted programmes, so a new ritual will be kicking in at the weekend. And it will kick in in this.


And despite all the lovely patterns in the lovely books, I made it up as I went along. I wouldn't say the seam allowances were perfect but Patrick thinks it's great and that's what counts!

Tonight we also enjoyed a fun Hallowe'en party with friends, who graciously hosted and had to deal with the mess afterwards. We had lots of fun food and games and safe play with sparklers where the only person who was injured was me. It's a rather pathetic injury but it hurts like mad! Anyway, the party has helped me make peace with the unnecessary holiday and the boys (or at least Patrick) had a great time, so all is good.




[poor quality photos, I know, but sometimes you have to leave the dslr down and be part of the fun!]