Layout a day :: Day 1

I recently received a fabulous parcel of scrap goodies from America and have been dying to play with the contents ever since. But no matter how hard I try to make time for scrapping there always seems to be some dull task in the way. Maybe it's just procrastination, I don't know. However, the lack of scrapping needs to be dealt with and so I have set myself the unrealistic challenge of doing a layout a day for a week! Pretty funny, I know! But I have set my sights on 7 layouts by the end of next weekend, and, darn it, 7 layouts there shall be!

Number 1 is before your very eyes, and by my own admission it will never win any prizes for clever use of product or design. But no dout in years to come Patrick will appreciate the half hour I took to document his fun day meeting Star Wars characters! And so I am at peace with it. (Although the only new product I got to use was the who what when where stamp - must try harder tomorrow!)

For the love of Star Wars