I'm really not mad about Hallowe'en as a holiday. The cynic in me just sees the ridiculous aisle of costumes and orange plastic pumpkins in Tesco and wants to run screaming in case I get sucked into it all! But there's no denying that for kids there is much to be excited about - dressing up, carving faces into pumpkins, ducking for apples and toffee apples to name but a few. So yesterday I allowed 2 pumpkins to fall into my trolley and today we carved them, with the plastic orange pumpkin carving set I got sucked into in Tesco last year! Although, in fairness for £1.99 it has served us pretty well and looks set to make it into 2009. Speaking as one who doesn't see the need for messy hands, or mess in general, I find the whole process nothing short of disgusting. In fact, today I almost gagged! What is with the stringy yuk inside those things? And although it was Patrick who insisted we go through this ritual, it comes as no surprise that his hands remained clean and faintly smelling of Kandoo (he shares the 'no mess necessary' gene!) Anyhow, 30 minutes of scraping and carving and 3 scented candles to remove the smell from the house later we had these.




Today's other highlight is the mutual love that is being felt from the boys and me towards my new High School Musical 3 soundtrack. Patrick has nicked it for his bedroom and I shall have to pinch it back while he's sleeping later. And there has been much dancing througout the day - maybe I'll be able to vicariously live out my dream to be a dancer through one of the boys! Check out Conor's action - it's much harder to catch Patrick on the camera when he's dancing!



[nappy purely because the dancing was pre-jammies and we're not ready for night dryness yet. But no accidents today!]

This is what he was dancing to - pretty excited about seeing it for the second time on Saturday!!