Home alone

That's what I am. Home alone. Michael is in hospital having a minor surgery and the boys are having a sleepover with Nana and Papa, which just leaves me and the laptop and a repeat of CSI! Is it wrong of me to feel like this is nearing perfection?! So I thought I'd take a moment and share a few thoughts and photos. First up I have my top 5 list of things to do when none of your family are around.

1. Go to Ikea and marvel at the range of storage solutions without anyone rolling their eyes at you.

2. Buy another homes and style book without justifying the purchase to anyone.

3. This is a good one - go online in the middle of the day! Who knew that was possible?

4. Eat a Cadbury mini Crunchie right before your tea - the kids don't ever need to know about this!

5. Watch Mama Mia with your sister. This would be the best part of the day. If I'd made Michael watch it he'd have filed for divorce by now and have his suitcases packed!

There are many other things you can do during this people free time, eg, not empty the dishwasher or washing machine and ignore the mess from earlier in favour of blogging. The list may be potentially very long! Maybe you should try it too!

Since my last post of ridiculous photos we have been pretty busy - we've had friends visiting, caught up with lots of people, been to Castle Ward and had a ton of fun. Let me share some photo highlights of the things that have been making us happy this past week.

Sunshine - enough to warrant suncream!


Beautiful lavender


Acting crazy with friends we don't get to see enough - we miss you!



Tootats - he is so totally cute when he says that!



Summery totes filled with picnic loveliness


Boys who are really enjoying each other's company right now - most of the time


Laughing Conor


Laughing Patrick


More of that enjoying each other's company - have to lap that up while it's going!


And one that makes no one but me happy! My new solution for all those die cuts I have. I popped those boys right out and sorted them into colours, words and journalling then put them in a lovely jar, box and tin. Love that I'm trying to use what I have and also get to organise and store!


So that's what's making us happy. What's making you smile these days?