Holiday snapshot

I know, I'm meant to be a more prolific blogger during the holidays, but as you may now be aware that isn't how it works! More time at home this summer has meant more time just hanging out with my boys, taking it easy and generally not feeling obliged to do anything that isn't necessary. And often that means for me that I am more enthused and creatively inspired after a break. So for a colleague, who shall remain nameless, but who has voiced opinions on the lack of blogging, a post for a quick catch up.

We spent a great week on the north coast last week, complete with little sun and a LOT of rain, but I can honestly say I had the best time! We took it really easy, went out when it was dry and used our imaginations a bit more when it was wet. I do promise to post a bit more in a few days, but for now I shall let you share a little of our fun with some pictures.


And now I'm off to watch some more Prison Break - Michael and I have worked through an entire series on our week away and it's disc 2 Season 2 tonight! Bring it on:) And after that it's a quick sleep before a weekend in London with no kids! My final fling before reality hits on Tuesday. Sshhh - let's pretend that's not happening!