With some rather humorous effects, I might add. I was just playing around with the zoom on my kit lens and coming in close. This is what happens! I give you the Boyds as you've never seen us before!!





(Photo credit for that last one goes to Michael who has been making a concerted effort to take photos of me lately, so that my great, great grandchildren will have some idea what I looked like! Although this might not be representative of my best side!)

And unfortunately that's it for today. We have said our goodbyes, tears and all, to the cot today, and while I was confident of a smooth transition to the bed earlier this evening, it isn't going so well now. So I am using it as an excuse to get into the study to do a layout since it's right beside Conor's room and will save my legs from trekking up and down the stairs all night! I shall hopefully report back tomorrow with a bed update and stunning layout:)