Creating = happy :)

Just wanted to share a couple of layouts I've done lately. I am really loving the extra time I have at the minute that means all the dull jobs are done by the end of the day and I have some time to create. And there really is no doubt that creating makes me happy. I should definitely do it more!

This one was for the last issue of the Scrapbook Magazine. They supplied the materials, which I have to admit were fabulous, especially the the ribbon. I loved this photo of Conor and his little chum, Poppy, taken on a picnic last October.


Another of Conor, showcasing his many fabulous and crazy faces!

Do we know you

My guest designer layout for Pencil Lines featuring my favourite shot from my London trip last month.

Big shades

And a tribute to the fabulous Auntie Lesley. I pinched the layout idea from the last issue of Simple Scrapbooks and have to say I love it and will likely be using it again! Hmm, it seems these are all of Conor - clearly some work to do to restore the balance!

He loves her