Has anyone seen the sun?

Can you even believe this is the summer? Even Patrick is asking why God would make it rain so much. And even though I should know better given the history of summers past, the optimist in me is holding out for a return to warm, sunny, splash in the paddling pool weather! But until then we shall make do with the weather we have.

Take last Thursday, for example. I promised the boys that since it was dry I would take them to the adventure park at Stormont. There was much excitement and chat about what all they would do, and as we got closer to the park I tried to ignore the increasing number of spots of rain on the windscreen. Out we hopped and made our way into the park, just as the rain set in good and proper. I seriously wanted to cry at the fact that living in this country means you can plan nothing and must be prepared for any of the four seasons at one time! At first we played on, but then the heavens opened in torrential style and my mummy gene insisted that we shelter under the giant slides. But slowly bored little hands began trying to catch raindrops, and that then turned into dashing in and out of the rain as quickly as possibe before mummy could catch anyone. And before I knew it we had gone from this

Untitled-1 to this