Surely not another photo gift

I'm pretty sure Michael must be getting a bit tired of gifts that stem from my camera and scrapbook stash, but in these days of credit crunches and the shocking price of nappies one must be as resourceful as possible! Oh yeah, and if Ali Edwards has done it, then surely I would need no further excuse! So for Father's Day I totally pinched her amazing idea of using an antique printer's tray or drawer as housing for photos and other bits and bobs. I focused the whole thing on photos of Michael and the boys with just a couple of 'dad' type embellishments, and the final flourish came in the form of a drawing of the family that Patrick did - slightly under duress to begin with if truth be told. And I really like it. And so does Michael. It is going to hang in our front room where I shall be able to admire it when I go in to watch some non-sport/cartoon tv when the new tv arrives on Wednesday!

Father's Day collage

And now I'm going to bed feeling smug for posting on two consecutive days!