One for the grandparents

Ok, Typepad is killing me. I've been trying to post since last night and it's proving very upsetting indeed. I have retyped the whole thing 5 times, posted it with just pictures in the hopes of going back in and adding text, but all to no avail. This is my last attempt! All my original thoughts are somewhere in the ether, and if you get anything from this, well call it a bonus.

It's all been about the end of term of late, and although I was overjoyed to finish, I was filled with dread at the thought of the end of P1. As it was, I cried. Who'd have thought?! But we survived. I did take a photo of Patrick on his last day to compare with the one I took on his first day. The difference is unbelievable.

First day....


Last day.....


And that prompted this.

10 months

It's a bit of a shock to my system that I managed to take a photo, upload it, print it and scrap it all within 48 hours! The scan is terrible but I do like the layout.

Now, for Nanny and Grandpa, who have abandoned us and fled to Florida, leaving their 2 Labradors to our solid floors that they hate, a couple of photos. Just to show that we're all alive and well and that we haven't in any way harmed the dogs yet!



And a final thought. Well, more of a question. Why is it that despite the hundreds of toys affiliated to every tv show and film going, and no matter what special things they do, more amusement and harmonious play comes from a puddle that is about half an inch deep?



Ok, I've done it and will quit while I'm ahead:)