London, Baby!

Too much living - not enough time for blogging! And I see from some of my links in the sidebar that it's not just me. So I'm challenging myself to blog a few times this week in a catch up mission. I was in London last week with my mum and sister (big pay rise for sis = fancy trip for the girls!) to see 'Wicked' which was amazing and we're off to York this week to stay with friends for a few days (no kids!) so I'm just posting photos tonight. I will fill in the details tomorrow. Much fun had and more to come I hope!


London Baby

Brief summary of photos -

self portrait on London Eye - treat for mum and great day for it.

London street signs

outside Appollo Victoria where 'Wicked' is on.

sefl portrait with big shades and pouts!

slight over-excitement at being out with responsibility for no one but myself

took stroll along Portobello Rd market sourcing item which I will post about later

London Eye - cool to go on something you hear so much about.

antique camera stall in Portobello market

post-show high

pre-show composure!

Really do like this blogging malarkey and promise to self to try and do it more. I'm sure I have a few rants I haven't shared and that the internet is just begging to own! But it's only 2 weeks until P1 is over and it's likely to be an emotional rollercoaster - just warning you!