I have no idea where the time is going to right now. Life is just flashing past with no sign of slowing down and we're all busy busy busy. So rather than bore you with unnecessary details of what's been happening in the world of Boyd, I shall provide you with a visual snapshot. Not entirely representative as many of the pictures were taken on the few sunny days we had last week (was that the summer?) but you get the idea.

Snapshot Sunlight through the amazing acers in Mountstewart

Cooling down in a basin of water because mummy can't find a pump to blow up the paddling pool

Drawing pictures of our latest favourites from Ben 10

New summer shoes - the obligatory Clarks Doodles because I love them!

The P1 concert - he was a superhero and he had a line to say - cue nearly bursting with pride!

Nesting swan on the lake at Mountstewart

Amazing azaleas in Mountstewart (can you spot the theme yet?)

Waiting patiently for the mummy duck and ducklings to swim past

Being spoilt by Auntie Lesley

Playing at Indiana Jones with daddy's hat and a fishing net

Incredible bark texture - can you guess where?!

Sorting out the garden by cutting down half the neighbour's tree!

It's been a busy few weeks and no doubt the next few will be too. We're coming to terms (slowly!) with the fact that P1 is nearly over and that Patrick is growing up incredibly quickly, and at the same time getting excited about the summer holidays - sunny or otherwise! I have so much more to post and will maybe get round to it over the next few evenings, but for now I have half a glass of wine waiting patiently for me and last week's episode of Brothers and Sisters. Better go and get the tissues:) Enjoy the Bank Holiday (obviously not you, Sheila - will see you bright and breezy!)

ETA: must do something about that wintery banner!