Birthday boy

I'm a little late with posting photos from Patrick's birthday, but not as late as last year if my memory serves me. He had a great day on Thursday, from the moment he woke and came up to our room to get his presents, to the moment he went to bed in his new Doctor Who jammies and stick on tattoo, accompanied by his amazing Ben 10 watch! I shall let the photos tell the story - you'll get the idea.

These are from his party last Saturday, which I am happy to report was a roaring success! Thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers for the weather. 11 small children enjoyed relay races, pass the parcel, musical statues, a bit of dancing and a whole lot of crispie buns, crisps, cocktail sausages and cake! Served on the classiest Doctor Who plates, of course. I hereby vow to continue in my mission to give my boys parties like I remember and loved.







Official birthday present opening - essentially ripping paper open, showing a slight reaction and moving on to the next. It must be great to be 5!


The basketball net has been a big success - we have long hankered after one.


The Ben 10 watch. I so don't get this, but apparently if you want to hang with the cool kids you might need one. The playground has a lot to answer for! But he is currently wearing it in bed and that's what counts. Right?


I have omitted to mention thus far that we now also have a 12" Dalek residing with us. Thanks, Auntie Joanne!


And a Power Ranger has also moved in!


Cake number 2 - the obligatory one that mummy made, complete with green butter icing at the request of the birthday boy. I can tell you that it did taste as good as it looks! Hands up if you want the recipe...


Skateboard courtesy of Auntie Lesley, complete with all the appropriate safety gear. Needless to say both Michael and I have make idiots of ourselves on this already!




And my gorgeous boy in new birthday jammies. I fear I may make an awful mother-in-law since already I don't think anyone will be good enough for my baby! Look how beautiful he is! 


Now, in completely different news I am proud to say that these are indeed my feet in my running shoes. I have been committed to my twice weekly runs, even when I don't feel like running. This photo was taken just before Debbie and I ran from my house to Groomsport and back, which we suspect may be just under 3 miles. Not a lot in marathon terms, but I hope never to report on running in marathon terms! However, I was very pleased that we ran as far as we did and shall continue to feel rather smug! 


And on that note I shall end and wish you an enjoyable rest of the weekend:)