Comedy out takes

We had the best time over half term with our friends in Bury St Edmunds. We relaxed, drank wine (not too much!) chatted, took photos, laughed, went bowling and generally had a ton of fun. It truly is amazing that the internet has been the doorway to such a great friendship. Poor Patrick was pretty sick most of the time we were visiting, but not even that phased the Hafermann family. Even when Dean had to be lifted from his bed so that we could sleep in with Patrick. Thank you guys so much for a great time:)

However, I'm sure I won't be very popular with Mr Hafermann for posting some of these, but they are too funny not to share. These were taken during the couple of photo shoots I did with Annie and her family.

1. The kiddlers in their best Christmas outfits for a special holiday photo.


2. Mr Annie refusing to cooperate at all! He was worse than kids and animals together at times! The blur on these images is mainly down to my hysterics which rendered me unable to take a decent photo.



3. The hi-jacking of the photo shoot! The fact that I managed to get any further good shots after this incident is proof of my determination, skill and answer to prayer!


I'm sure I'll be in big trouble with Annie for this one so I shall leave it at that. With the exception of this shot of the trick or treating. The boys had such fun in their costumes, but I couldn't get enough of Conor and his little old man walk with hands in pockets. Definitley my favourite shot of the night:)