Ok, not really, just quite cute. Yesterday Nana gave the boys some money for sparklers, so nothing would do but we should have our own Hallowe'en party. Now I'm really not one to go for Hallowe'en in a big way, but you can't deny that the big multiples like Tesco, Woolworths and M&S have us stitched up. I actually found myself walking along the Hallowe'en aisle of Tesco last week in a bit of a daze, totally prepared to give in and buy ridiculous outfits for the boys along with any amount of tat I could find. Thankfully I snapped out of it before I caved. But I did go back on Thursday to buy a pumpkin for Patrick to carve as a treat for our last whole afternoon together before he goes to school til 2pm. And we had a blast carving it (admittedly with the pumpkin carving set complete with scoop and mini saw that I did get sucked into!). Patrick doesn't like scary pumpkins so he drew a very cute face on it and we carved it out.


And tonight, after getting sucked into the M&S party food, we had our own little party. Sadly just the 3 of us as Michael is working just for a change. But we had good fun nonetheless. I was very organised and had downloaded some colouring pages for the boys earlier. I've noticed recently that there are a lot of home schooling sites that have lots of cool stuff on them. Seriously, type in 'colouring in pages' and see what you get!

So we ate marshmallow ghosts, or sort of smushed them about our faces and then spat them out in Conor's case. Tried some witches fingers, aka, corn puffs in the same style as Cheesy Wotsits, but not up to Wotsit standards according to Patrick! And I had to agree. And we wolfed down some gummy sweets that I'm pretending were all natural and almost a substitute for fruit! Then we took some photos. Can you believe I've got them on here less than 2 hours after the fact? No, me neither! Check out our self-timer. We're pretty pleased with it, but it does kind of make me feel like a single parent. Just for a change!!

Check out Patrick with his £1 axe from Woolworths! The cape is totally last season, from Tesco.


Conor is LOVING the pumpkin! He tries so hard to say 'pumpkin', but is happy that his fabulous 'brr brr' (burny burn!) is completely applicable! Bless.



Mr Serious Colouring In! And are you getting that it was also a pyjama party - with matching dinosaur pyjamas? Thank you, Nanny!


Hope you have a good weekend, mostly undisturbed by fireworks:)