Happy happy happy me!

It's half term! Hurrah! I am so completely ready for it. 8 weeks of teenagers is really taking its toll on all of us at school. Which really bodes ill for the other 30 something weeks before the summer! But further bridges will be crossed as they are come upon.

I really have nothing interesting to say today, but several people have been talking about me behind my back, or indeed to my sister for not posting often enough, and so for them I shall ramble for a bit. I don't even have any pictures to post, but I can describe with much detail the fabulous box of loveliness that arrived from twopeasinabucket today. Really, as those of you who scrapbook will know, there is little more exciting than the arrival of that 12x12 brown box arriving at your door. Today my mum collected my parcel from the post office so it was sitting in a very enticing manner beside the basket of clean laundry she had done for me when I went to collect Conor after school. And I was extra specially good and waited until the boys were in bed before I opened it, just so I wouldn't be interrupted. Oh, it was worth the wait! A few of my very special friends had given me vouchers for my birthday which I had no trouble spending, and then because I only had to add a few dollars I thought I may as well go ahead and treat myself just a little bit more! Let me tell you, I shall have to put rub ons to every project from now until next Christmas in order to get the use out of them! And I really have no idea what I'm going to do with my new stash of Basic Grey Christmas papers, but, you know, I just had to have them! And the very exciting thing is that there's another package from Lifetime Moments due to arrive any day too! All because I got a bit bored last week. At least I might be motivated to get off the settee and do some actual scrapping now.

I would really love to write a bit more, now that I'm kind of in the flow again, but Michael is watching the Liverpool match he recorded while we had our fellowship group here earlier, and I seriously can NOT listen to him huff and puff over their poor performance any more. I'm likely to make some unacceptable comment about the fact that it's only a game and we all know that's only going to stir the wrath of the defeated fan. So I'm going to bed with some magazines instead. Off to my fantasy world of make believe layouts and dedicated scrap rooms!