Today I...

...didn't go to church because a) it was half an hour later because of Remembrance which meant Conor would have been grumpier than ever and I would never have got out of creche, and b) I would most likely have cried because of Remembrance.

...shouted at the boys more times than was necessary.

...enjoyed a lovely walk with some proper leaf kicking at Mountstewart with the boys.

...was a grumpy and humourless mum. Again.

...finally did 75% of the pile of marking that has been lying around since before half term.

...put a white wash on and have just left it in the machine all day. No plans to do anything else with it the rest of the night either!

...let the boys watch far too much tv. Again.

...felt like a single mum for much of the day, because Michael was kept on at work for 5 hours and was therefore not able to be at home with us.

...ordered £87 of free products from Virgin Vie as a result of my party last Thursday! Hurrah for me:)

...made a very small step towards a creative project (at last) by picking some paper and embellishments out for a mini book.

...heaved a sigh of relief when Conor went to bed!

...heaved a bigger sigh of relief when Patrick went to bed!

...heaved the biggest sigh of relief when Michael finally arrived home, rather weary and with a very swollen leg from some sort of bite he aquired at work yesterday!

...felt at the same time that I was achieving nothing and yet was multi-tasking galore.

...thought that even though I had taken not a single picture to go with them, these few words would be a pretty good reminder of what life is like for me right now. And that there may be a layout in here somewhere!