The finished product

Finally I'm getting round to posting the pictures of the kitchen after the tiling and decorating was finished. The reason it has taken so long to do this is that everytime I thought I'd take pictures I realised I'd have to do a major tidy up first. But today it looked good! Behold.....the finished product.




Isn't it fab? We are loving the tiles that go right through from the front door. Michael's idea, which I was initially sceptical about, but turns out he was right!

I haven't posted in such a long time that I'd almost forgotten about the tag that Jo made for me and Sheila and that it was now up to us to reciprocate. Jo, I hope you don't mind that I didn't use pictures from your blog, but my little tag book from the scrapbook mag came back this week and I thought it would be silly not to share the ones I'd done for that. The book sounds very similar to the one Jo is doing about her friends, except that mine is a book of thoughts about friendship, as quoted by my friends. So, Jo and Sheila, you have been tagged!!



True words from both of you ladies! Right, now I have a lot more to post, but I have been suffering slightly today and feel the need to put my feet up and watch High School Musical 2 which I Sky plussed last night (while I was out doing the damage for which I have been suffering today, 'nuff said!) I promise to come back tomorrow. Seriously!