A promise is a promise

So here I am again. My laptop is seriously wondering what in the name of goodness I'm doing on here again, but I wanted to post a few layouts I've done recently. The pictures aren't the greatest, but I'm way behind on installing the scanner my dad gave me so it's wonky photos only I'm afraid.

This one came after the realisation that I had a shocking amount of stash, so the natural thing to do was just grab as much of it as possible and stick it on a layout! Rather busy as my layouts go and I'm not sure I'd call it my favourite, but I love it nonetheless. I've wanted to do a page for ages about the many reminders that my house is filled with boys and their toys. I had a stack of much better photos at one point, but managed to delete them.


The shock of the previous busy layout made me revert to the opposite end of the spectrum. I really really love this one, not just for the photo, but it is exactly how I imagined this layout to be. Another one that's been rumbling around in my head for a while. How completely adorable is this wee man?


There are more to come, but I'm rather enjoying this little and often approach, so I shall leave you with this fab photo Sheila took on Friday night when we went out for her birthday. Ignore the flabby arms if you please. Judith, I'm afraid my lips are sealed about the suffering hehe:)