Big school

Well, we've reached the point in our lives where we have children at school. Wow! I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to be in this group - the school parents I see go past our house every morning seem very grown up and I don't think I am! But we will muddle along as best we can.

We may not be ready, but this big boy is. How grown up does he look in his uniform? Not to mention handsome (admittedly the hair is still surfy summer hair but Julie is coming to do emergency haircuts tomorrow - see, I'm not even organised enough to have had their hair cut before school!)



He was so excited when he got up this morning. He had packed his bag last night and despite the fact that they don't stay at school for lunch until November he wanted to take his break in his Cars lunch bag. He was so cute about it that we just let him!


And you know, the whole experience was just great for him. First of all, we're lucky that the school is about 2 minutes from our front door, and secondly, his teacher is a friend of ours and we LOVE her! On top of which the school has had some new buildings added and a total refurbishment of the rest and it looks amazing. Makes me wish I was going to be in Mrs Stephens' class too! He very happily hung his bags on his peg and went into the class and got straight into the play doh beside his chum Comhan, who was also very happy. And then I had a kiss and a hug and daddy had a kiss and a hug and we left him to his fun. And that was that. Obviously I had a bit of a weep, but really I am so happy that he is happy there. I am finally over playgroup being finished and ready for the new adventure of school. We will be reporting here frequently  -ish!

In other news, I survived my own first week of school and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hurrah! Although I'm still working on the escape plan haha:)