God Bless America!

I'm completely blessed in every area of my life, but I'm pretty sure God meant me to be born in America! So many people I know say they don't like it or it's too big and impersonal and the people are ill-mannered. But I ask you, where else do people accept you for all your quirks and not bat an eyelid at the amount of money you can spend on stash? I love the weather, I love the shopping, I love the people and the extra mile so many of them will go for you and I love the theme parks! I have so much to write, but jet-lag allows me only a few moments to jot a couple of lines to keep Sheila happy, and tomorrow I shall go into detail (and post pics of something, like maybe the shocking amount of supplies I bought!) So goodnight, and I shall see you tomorrow x

note: I am banking on my few regular readers, but am fully prepared for no comments for a LONG time!