I love a good wedding

And this was a GREAT wedding. Our friends Clive and Nic got hitched in the most romantic manor house setting in Alloa. Now Alloa is perhaps not the spot to head to for your fortnight's holiday, and the rain did make several appearances, but nothing could take away from the total magic of this day. Pipers, kilts, thistles in the buttonholes, a very handsome groom and a stunning bride! Add to that champagne, the best of friends, my new camera, some more champagne, great food, dancing and perhaps just a little more champagne! Perfection.











Don't they just look perfect together? I tell you, it was emotional carnage for a few of us, and not just as a result of the champagne!

Ok, now I'm off on the fantastic family holiday in Florida on Thursday for 2 weeks, so for those of you who stick with me through my blog droughts, I'm afraid there's another coming up. I'm led to believe that the resort we're staying in has online facilities, but I think my mother may actually kill both me and my dad if we so much as venture there for more than 10 minutes, so I can't guarantee any blog action! More than my life is worth. But as I'm off on summer holidays for another 5 weeks or so after we get back, I hope to get back into the swing of things. Lots more time to chill, enjoy my family, take pictures, scrap them and blog the results! Cannot wait for some fun photography sessions coming up too, not least with my favourite Boland family!! Until then, enjoy the summer and remember that it really is all good xx