First of many!

Ok, I have to start somewhere with the 500ish photos I took on holiday! You think that's excessive?? Well maybe just a little, but I can't resist those cute little faces (Patrick and Conor, not my Dad and Michael!) Now where do I begin? I think I'll do it a day at a time and pick a photo or two from that day.

Day one: we spent most of the day just acclimatising and lapping up the luxury of our 5bed 5 ensuite (can you believe even Conor had his own loo!) villa and pool. I mean this place was amazing. Went to Publix for food (makes even M&S look shabby!) and in the evening went to Downtown Disney to soak up some atmosphere and try to pacify Patrick a little as we weren't planning on a theme park for another few days. I love this place! The biggest Disney store anywhere - we had to arrange times and places to meet in case we lost each other, which we did. Needless to say, Patrick was totally overwhelmed and wanted to buy everything in sight. We managed to fend him off with a pirate sword and telescope. I thought that would do, but daddy couldn't resist the Lego shop!





Needless to say we've now to log on to the Lego website to order replacement parts for the models aimed at children 6+!

Day two: we went to Celebration, a small town in the Disney area which is the quintessential little American town, albeit a tad Stepford-like! The main reason for going was to see what Conor and Patrick would make of the fountains that spring out of the ground. Patrick loved them when we were there 3 years ago and Conor has a total affinity with all things water. This is the result (whittled down from about 20 photos I might add!)




Do you see how completely soaked Conor is and how relatively dry Patrick is? It was funny watching them here. Conor is completely fearless and just ran straight into the fountains, while Patrick held back and watched and laughed at him. You could see he was dying to be in the action but just wasn't sure - no idea where he gets that from! Eventually they were both soaked, but there was no doubt as we watched them that Conor will be the one to venture out and Patrick will follow him. I don't think when Conor starts school he'll have much need for the big brother's protection!

Right, I really have to go but just want to share one more photo to whet your appetite for tomorrow. Day three was MGM Studios, and one of the big draws for Patrick was the possibility of meeting the Power Rangers. Personally, I've always hated the Power Rangers, but Patrick is besotted with them at the moment. It's all flying kicks and crazy poses in our house right now! And there are about 15 different types of Power Ranger. The ones in the US aren't the same as the ones that are big here but that didn't matter to our wee man. He was so super excited when we spotted them doing pictures with visitors. So Patrick and daddy joined the longggg line and waited very patiently in the sweltering heat for their turn while I made sure all the settings on the camera were perfect. And this is the best I got!


The poor little guy was so overwhelmed he didn't know what to do! Look at his "I'm having NO fun here" face! But he talked about it for hours after! More on this and other fun meet and greets at MGM tomorrow, but there's a glass of wine calling me! It's good to be back here:)