Scrappy genes

clearly run in our family. My sister gave me this book last Thursday - perfectly timed after a most upsetting and unproductive shopping trip for a wedding outfit for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Suffice to say I came home with nothing, that fashion sucks right now and that I've decided to borrow an outfit and save my money for stash buying on my holiday!! Anyway, this ranks with the nicest gifts I've ever been given.



The journalling on this page is well worth a look in the full size image. Leanne is a good friend of mine who also has 2 crazy boys and has just moved and had building work done. Plus she's pregnant again!! I really don't think she'll mind if you look at what it says! 


Seriously, what a cool present. I really felt great after I read it all. This is the stuff we need to remember, not all the crap about not being the perfect size or the perfect mother or having the perfect house yada yada yada. Everyone should have one of these.

On the house front, you really don't want to know! We're still not in and it still isn't finished. And that's all I'm saying!!