Tag, you're it

This is all very exciting! Jo recently tagged me to fill in this list of questions, and I'm altogether giddy about it because I've never been tagged before. Shows you how desperate I am for fun at the minute! Today's post comes from the metropolitan hub of Carrowdore (look really closely with a magnifying glass on a map somewhere in the region of Millisle and Greyabbey if you're that keen!). We're staying with Michael's parents for a few days before we land on my sister again and then on to my parents again. The new kitchen and downstairs loo had better be worth this hassle. Anyway, without further ado I shall answer the questions and give you all a brief glimpse into the crazy world of me!!!

1.Two names you go by:

Mummy and JB - they're the names used at home.

2. Two things you have in a relationship:

Love and security.

3. Two favourite things to do:

Spend time with my boys and taking photographs.

4. Two things you want very badly at the minute:

To be able to get back into our own house and to get out of teaching.

5. Two pets I've had:

A hamster called Scamper (my 1st pet) and a golden labrador called Holly. Both sadly missed.

5. Two people who will fill this in - consider yourselves tagged!

This is a tricky one. Annie will definitely be first, but I don't really know that many other bloggers. I'm going to say Anna and then I shall have to e-mail her and alert her to the fact!!

6. Two things you did last night:

Proofed wedding photos and ate at Charly's with my family.

7. Two things you ate today:

Half of Conor's packet of Milky Way Stars (he won't notice!) and the delicious curry my mil made for tea.

8. Two people you last talked to on the phone:

Hmm, apart from the people at the Next directory, that would be Kenny, my photographer chum and my sister, Lesley.

9. Two favourite places:

Home and Mountstewart on a summer's day.

10. Two things you're doing tomorrow:

Spending most of the day in someone else's house (again) and maybe helping out at a charity photography event in Crawfordsburn with the fab Kenny.

11. Two longest car journeys:

Bangor to South of France and Bangor to Spain, both family holidays when I was little.

12. Two favourite holidays:

My honeymoon in Las Vegas and San Diego, and Paris with Michael last June.

13. Two guilty pleasures:

First flick through a magazine - must be done in peace with a cup of tea and preferably a bar of chocolate, and watching box sets of any good show with Michael - favourites include 24, West Wing and Spooks. (Looking forward to getting into Grey's Anatomy on  my own over the summer hehe!)

14. Two things that make me laugh:

The silly things the boys do, and most Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson movies.

15. Two things I last got in the mail:

Dull post and more dull post. I'm too poor to have nice things delivered these days!!

Ok , I shall await the responses of the tagees. I hope you feel you know me better now!!