Branching out

I've clearly been slaving away over the wedding photos I did for Michael's cousin a couple of weeks ago. Hence my lack of blogging and picture posting. I also further climbed up in the bad mother ratings for not posting on Patrick's birthday. And there are many, many pictures! And I will post them, but for now I am not going to get worked up about not blogging, because much as I love it and want to be able to post daily, life just doesn't allow me to do that at the minute. And I won't feel guilty! So there!

Anyway, before I lose all my readers I shall give you a preview of the wedding pics. I was generally pretty pleased with the results but my camera was in the process of dying so a few weren't great. The upside of that is I'm also trawling the digital slr market for a new one!! Very exciting times indeed. Ok, pictures coming up...